Wrongful Death and Survivorship Lawsuits

Commonly, lawsuits that involve the death of a plaintiff are called wrongful death lawsuits.  But in Texas, personal injury death lawsuits can be filed as a wrongful death cause of action or as a survivorship cause of action.  Often, death lawsuits combine both causes of action, but understanding the distinction between wrongful death and survivorship […]

The Million-Dollar Slip and Fall Case

The internet has a handful of stories of injured individuals who recovered a million dollars or more from a slip and fall case.  But slip-and-fall cases are still looked down upon as lesser lawsuits.  A plaintiff slipping on a banana peel in the supermarket comes to mind, but slip-and-fall cases are usually much more serious […]

The Five Theories of Product Liability.

Product liability law varies from state to state, and it is best to consult a board certified personal injury lawyer in your state about your claim, but the five most common ways to prove product liability are: Strict liability Negligence Warranty Misrepresentation and Intent Strict liability, the most often pursued avenue of liability, requires the […]